“I mean “Love Me Do” is one of the simplest Beatle songs, from the very beginning, it’s sing-songy, it’s about the rhythm, the sound.  But Lisa Lauren’s version is also about the lyrics. Suddenly, I got them, in a way I never did listening to the original.”

“For all the hype in 2002 surrounding jazz hybrid vocalist Norah Jones, she can’t really hold a candle to the far superior, multi-faceted Lauren, an indie artist from Chicago who artfully blends pop and jazz influences with a dash or two of country and worldbeat.”

“Lisa Lauren‘s What Comes Around highlights her ability to combine her jazz background and sophisticated delivery with the emotional directness of a singer/songwriter.”

“Most Beatles tribute albums have performances that are either too close to the originals, or abstract versions that are very far away from the intent of Lennon and McCartney. Singer-pianist Lisa Lauren‘s tasteful yet adventurous outing is somewhere in between. Each of the Beatles‘ songs that she chose to interpret is quite recognizable and yet none of these versions are strict copies.”

“She calls it her Baby Boomer Jazz Thing, but don’t let the precious name put you off: The quintet that singer-pianist Lisa Lauren is leading this week at the Metropole, in the Fairmont Hotel, is the real thing.”

“I can’t comprehend why one of the big labels hasn’t yet snapped up Chicagoan Lisa Lauren. No offense to Planet Jazz, for whom she just delivered her third disc, It Is What It Is, but Lauren is a first-rate slugger who should long ago have been called up to the majors. As folk-jazz vocalists go, she’s as impressive as Norah Jones (whom she sounds like a sandier version of).”

“Lisa is often compared with singers like Joni Mitchell or Rickie Lee Jones and frankly that’s exact the music you can await on her upcoming album. “

“In sound, Ms. Lauren resembles the singer-songwriters of her generation, with hints of Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones and some of the sultry inflections of Bonnie Raitt, with just a hint of the world-weariness one might expect in a jazz singer. “

Lisa Lauren‘s beautifully orchestrated “All My Loving” and “Love Me Do” are two of four tunes here taken from her own 2006 Beatles tribute recording, Lisa Lauren Loves the Beatles.”

Angeline De Dios

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